Leading with Attitude for Company Officers
By Member Jason Ferguson
January 10, 2018

The Department is pleased to present this great training opportunity.

Leading with Attitude for Company Officers
Taught By: Eddie Buchanan
When: Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Where: Greenfield Training & Education Center
Two Offerings: 1PM to 5PM & 6PM to 10PM
Presented By: Eddie Buchanan

Fire service company officers have the ability to solve complex problems with varying resources in a dynamic environment at an emergency scene.  They can mitigate challenging issues that no one could ever predict with creativity, ingenuity and speed.  Corporate America would love to learn our secret for such a gift.  Imagine if company officers used that same skill to lead, coach and counsel their troops at the fire station!

Leading with attitude focuses on how become the best “leader of you” that you can be so that you are prepared and capable to lead others.  The program challenges company officers of all experience levels to perform at an elite level and prepares them to lead elite teams (their company).  Learn how to lead negative people, and more importantly, manage your own propensity for negative thought.

The program is highly interactive and dynamic and is a must for every company level leader.

To Register Visit: www.botetourtfireems.org (Training/Course Registration)

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